About German Angoras

German Angoras were originally English Angoras that have been selectively bred in Germany over the last 80 years with a focus on quality and quantity of wool. For wool production the German Angora cannot be beat. If you only have room for a couple rabbits, img_2355choosing Germans will give you the most wool for your space. The German Angora also has the benefit of a synchronous coat which means that you do not need to worry about a warm spell triggering a moult or little short cuts from a second incoming coat making it into your fiber.

German Angora rabbits are known for not only their large size, but their sweet and gentle temperament and exquisitely soft angora wool. German Angoras don’t shed and therefore the angora wool is harvested (gently shorn) every 30 days. Our rabbits produce a remarkable amount of wool each shearing And, you can certainly tell how happy they are when all of that wool is off of them and they are free to hop around unencumbered.

It is said that Angora fiber is 7-8 times warmer and much lighter than sheep’s wool. It is certainly “next to the skin” incredibly soft.

German Angoras are also the easiest of the angora breeds to keep mat-free. They require relatively little in the way of grooming compared to other angora breeds.

The accrediting organization that governs the standards and registration is the International Association of German Angora Rabbit Breeders (IAGARB). Originally all German Angoras that were imported were white – specifically Red-Eyed White or REW.  The IAGARB will permit a German cross that meets its production and physical requirements to be registered. The higher percentage of German in a rabbit’s bloodline the closer it comes to the characteristics of a purebred German and the more likely it is to pass the registration exam. Our rabbits are 100% REW German Angora. Although it may tempting to cross, angora wool can be dyed almost any color and the wool quality and production is hard to argue with. Additionally, there are not many breeders who specialize in 100%  REW German Angoras and helping create top quality lines along the West Coast is a treat.