About Cottontail Farmsoriginal

angora_logo2Cottontail Farms is a new and small indoor rabbitry located in Northern California. we lovingly raise beautiful albino German Angora Rabbits. And by small rabbitry…I mean small. img_2483Indoor? Crazy but true. Our rabbits (including our two rescue cottontails) are all in house rabbits. Each cage is cleaned daily and every rabbit gets household run time privileges. Between frequent cleanings, a constant air cleaner/filter and mix of cuddle and run time, we’re a small but happy rabbity.

Started by a spinner with a love for the best and the softest luxury fiber, I discovered the amazing German Angora rabbit. Spinning yarn from this sweet creature is a treat beyond any other. If you’re lucky enough to knit, crochet or weave with this fantastic yarn, you’ll find a new appreciation for this wonderful craft.

The Doe, Daisy has a fantastic pedigree and an amazingly sweet temper. She’s inquisitive and loves to spend time hopping aroundimg_2354 the house. Most importantly her fiber is not only stunningly soft, but her 90 day shearing was over 480 grams! She’s amazing in every way!

Our Buck, Doc was is the perfect mate for such a stunning doe. He’s remarkable. He loves img_2474being held, being pet, and LOVES his cuddle time. He, of course, also has a fantastic pedigree, with his family line having great registration history.

Both are from the Bungalow Farm rabbitry. Erin from Bungalow farms is a wealth of information and pedigree lines are wonderful.

We don’t have any litters currently and instead we’re our efforts are on producing  quality fiber.    file-feb-15-12-32-24-pm

Cottontail farms proud to be a member of the International Association of German Angora Rabbit Breeders (IAGARB)